Our Specialty

Our Strategic Alliances help us provide:


Quantum’s business knowledge is an important strategic asset. It is a sum of skills, experiences, capabilities and expert insight, which we collectively create and rely on in our business. As a shared resource, knowledge shapes and affects all the activities in and around our business, from employee and supplier relationships, customer knowledge, market insight, knowledge of the business environment, knowing key regulatory and trade bodies, professional associations and deep understanding of regulations, business strategy and logistics.


We are partners with industry leaders in global logistics to ensure the safe, secure, and efficient transport of commodities and precious metals. Our Logistics Department has the expertise to coordinate transport services as needed.


Forming a strategic alliance is an investment that turns into an invaluable asset. By entering into a successful alliance with well-established firms with robust operations and experience in their markets, Quantum benefits from the joint results and business advantages created, from obtaining new client base and adding competitive skills, leveling industry ups and downs, reducing operating risk, to building valuable intellectual capital, all these together thus generating value to our business, investors and clients.